Volume & Issue: Volume 53, Issue 5, December 2022 
Effect of Season on Oocytes and in Vitro Fertilization by Fresh and Frozen Semen of Cattle

Pages 1-12

Gehad M.A. Zidan; Taymour M.E. EL-sherry; Karam A. Amein; Hassan A. Daghash; Gamal B. Mahmoud

Mycoflora of Some Cheese Types in Assiut City, Egypt

Pages 13-23

Azza H. Zain El-din; Ali M. Abd El-Rahim; Fathy E. El-Gazzar; Dina M. Osman; Ghada A. Mahmoud

Probiotic Attributes Potential of Some Yeast Strains

Pages 37-51

Ahmed A. Abd El-Dayem; Yasser A. Abd El-Tawab; Fathy E. El-Gazzar; Dalia G. Kamel

Effect of Foliar Spraying of Calcium and Boron Nano-fertilizers on Growth and Fruiting of Certain Pomegranate Cultivars

Pages 123-138

Abdel Fatah M. El-Salhy; Alaa A.B. Masoud; Fatma El-Zahraa M.A. Gouda,; Wafaa T. Saeid; Emad A. Abd El-Magid

Soil Suitability Assessment for Twenty Crops in East Edfu Soils, Aswan

Pages 203-223

Mostafa M. Ahmed; Mohamed A. El- Desoky; Mohsen A. Gameh; Ezzat M. Ahmed; Salman A.H. Selmy