Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences is a nonprofit quarter-annually refereed scientific journal issued by the College of Agriculture, Assiut Egypt since 1970.

The annual issue of the journal is published at the end of January, April, July, and October annually.

The Journal is indexed in the Egyptian Knowledge Bank database and CAB ABSTRACT Nowadays the journal aims to join the SCOPUS database index.

The journal aims to provide a chance for researchers to publish their original innovative research in the different disciplines of agricultural sciences. It handles research conducted mainly at faculties and institutes of agriculture, agricultural research centers, and other interested entities from Egypt and all over the world if the manuscripts submitted meet the guidelines and are approved for scientific publishing by the reviewers.

The journal also publishes special issues for conferences if requested earlier by conferences and workshop organizers.

The journal charges minimal administrative fees to cover the administration, preparation, and printing costs (40 Egyptian pounds per page, in addition to 500 Egyptian pounds to cover publication and refereeing costs for Egyptian authors. Non-Egyptian authors will be charged a total of 200$ for the whole process). The fees are determined annually by the editorial board. The researcher is informed about the cost when presenting the manuscript. The prescribed fees are paid to the bank account of the Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Journal Account No. 6/87867/450/9- National Bank of Egypt).

To obtain previously published manuscripts that are not available on the website please send the publication information to the journal emailInterested professionals can have Issues of the journal at the cost of 50 Egyptian pounds per issue.

The Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture administratively oversees the journal as Editor-in-chief while the vice dean for graduate studies and research serves as head of the editorial board according to the organizing decision issued by the university council for that purpose. The journal editorial board contains professors from different Agricultural disciplines who are selected periodically to serve on the board. The journal also has an international advisory board consisting of prestigious professors from all over the world. Volunteer advisors from the faculty of agriculture also served the Journal based on college council decisions and University approval.

Editorial board members are responsible for determining the originality of submitted manuscripts, revising the final form of reviewers’ approved manuscript before issuing acceptance letters in addition to revising the final print form of the manuscript within their field of specialization.

The administrative sector of the journal is composed of the executive director, database employer, typing and printing preparation staff, and website administration.

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Current Issue: Volume 55, Issue 2, April 2024 

Superiority and Combining Ability for Grain Yield and Agronomic Traits of Maize (Zea mays L.)

Pages 15-28

Mohamed E.M. Abd El-Azeem; Rezk S.H. Aly; Ashraf K. Mostafa; Hany A.A. Mohamed

A Comparative Study on Some Oils as Natural Antioxidants

Pages 68-79

Amira Y. A. Amen; Mohamed R.A. Rashwan; Rofida F. Moftah

Improving Nutritional Quality of Gluten Free Noodles Using Sand Smelt (Atherina boyeri) Fish

Pages 80-92

Zeinab A.H. Gad El Rab; Abdalla S. Abdel-Gawad; Badawy M. D. Mostafa; Manal A. M. Hassan; Ahmed H. Khalifa

Quality Properties of African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) Meat as Affected by its Color

Pages 93-110

Zeinab M. A. Heikal; Safaa A. Limam; Mohamed B. Omer; Badawy M. D. Mostafa; Ahmed H. khalifa

Nutritional Quality of Ostrich Meat, Edible Offal, and Fat Tissue

Pages 125-143

Shenoda G. M. Henry; Salah H. Abou-El-Hawa; Bolbol R. Ramadan; Ahmed H. A. Khalifa

Relation of Balady Mandarin Trees Fruiting to use Different Nitrogen Sources

Pages 203-216

Abdel-Fattah M. El-Salhy; Hassan A. Abd El-Galil; Sabah M. Badawy; Ibrahim F. Fayyad

Effect of Some Treatments on Tolerance of Ewaise Mango Trees to Abiotic Stress

Pages 217-231

Abdel-Fattah M. El-Salhy; Fatma El-Zahraa M. Gouda; Ahmed M. Abd El-Ghany; Ahmed S. Hamdy