Volume & Issue: Volume 54, Issue 4, October 2023 
Line × Tester Analysis in S1 top-crosses of Maize for Grain Yield and its Related Traits

Pages 1-29

Atif Abo-Elwafa; Adel M. Mahmoud; Alhosein Hamada; Khalid A.M. Ibrahim; Khalid Mohammed Khamis

Effect of Whey Protein Concentrate on Bio-Yogurt Properties

Pages 63-75

Amna N. Abd- El Naby; Ali M. Abd El-Rahim; Ali I.A. Mansour; Suhila A. Saad

Biological and Chemical Substances as Stimulants-Inducing Growth and Oil Yield in Lemongrass Under Salinity Stress

Pages 90-107

Fawzy M. Salama; Sayed S.A. Abdel-Rahman; Marwa M. Ragaey; Noha M.M. Mostafa; Atef A.S. Abdel -Kader

The Potential Impact of The Quality of Sugar Beet Roots (Beta vulgaris L.) on Sugar Loss in The Beet Molasses

Pages 108-122

Mennat-Allah M.A. El-Geddawy; Ola A.F. Mustafa; Samy I. El-Syiad; El-Sayed Gomaa I. Mohamed

Genetic Analysis of Seedling Traits under Drought Stress Conditions in Bread Wheat

Pages 123-133

Soha A. Ahmed; Mohamed I. Hassan; Mahmoud A. El-Rawy; El-Sayed N. Hamed

Molecular Characterization of some Egyptian Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Cultivars Using RAPD-PCR

Pages 134-153

Safaa M.A. Salman; Gamal I.A. Mohamed; Rashad A. Ibrahim; Ameer E.M. Elfarash

Predicting the Severity of Alfalfa Root rot Disease Under Salinity Conditions

Pages 154-167

Khaled Hussein Arafat; Mohammed H.A. Hassan; Omar H.H. Mahmoud

Morphogenetical Studies on Egg Parasitoids Trichogramma Released to Control Lepidopteran Sugarcane Pests in Qena Governorate, Egypt

Pages 168-182

Farouk A. Abdel-Galil; Aya A.M. Ahmed; Sara E. Mousa; Mohammad Allam; Mervat A.B. Mahmoud; Nesreen M.F. Abou-Ghadir

Highlights on Insects and Fungi Associated with Mosquitoes Inhabiting Agricultural Drain Water in Different Areas of Assiut Governorate, Egypt

Pages 196-211

Farouk A. Abdel-Galil; Sina M. Morsy; Ahmed I.A. Farghal; Mohamed A. Abdel-Naser; Ahmed M.M. Moharram; Sara E. Mousa

Characteristics of Commercial Propolis Samples Collected from Upper Egypt Region

Pages 212-220

Mohamed O.M. Omar; Salah H. Rateb; Mahmoud S. O. Mabrok; Mervat A. Shaker

Impact of Various Potassium Fertilizers on Yield and Berries Characteristics of Red Roomy Grape Cultivar

Pages 247-259

Rafat A.A. Mostafa; Rashad A. Ibrahim; Maha M. Abdel-Salam; Fatma H.H. Sholkamy

Effect of some Pre and Post-harvest Treatments on White Banaty (Thompson Seedless) Grapes during Cold Storage

Pages 260-275

Zain elabdien E.A. Mohamed; Talat K.R. EL-Mahdy; Rashad A. Ibrahim; Eman A.A. Abou-Zaid

Response of Japanese Quail to Different LED Light Colors

Pages 276-285

Mahmoud A. Abdelnabi; Mohamed A.M. Sayed; Damiana Telson; Mostafa G. Abdelfattah

Response of Two Local Varieties of Onion to Chemically Induced Male Sterility

Pages 338-349

Osama H. Alabdalla; Rawaa M.M. Albabilie; Mouwafak N. Jbour; Roula G. Bathoush; Mostafa M. Alozon; Rasha R. Eid

Digitization Readiness for Extension Work in Assiut Governorate

Pages 401-415

Noura A.S. Hassan; Bahgat M. Abdel-Maksoud; Ahmed A. brahim; Mohamed M.M. Abdel-Ghany; Asmaa B.M. Bakr